Acolyte fans find hidden nod to High Republic disaster
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Acolyte fans find hidden nod to High Republic disaster

Jul 10, 2024 2:51 PM

The latest episode of The Acolyte has left Star Wars fans buzzing with excitement as it seemingly references the Great Hyperspace Disaster from the High Republic novels. Episode 7 opens with a flashback 16 years earlier on the planet Brendok, where Jedi Master Indara tells her Padawan, Torbin, about the planet once being lifeless due to a hyperspace disaster. Fans quickly took to social media to highlight this nod to the High Republic era, with many recognizing Charles Soule's design in his novel "Light of the Jedi." This connection not only enriches the lore of The Acolyte but also bridges the show with the broader Star Wars universe.

What is the Great Hyperspace Disaster referenced in The Acolyte?n

The Great Hyperspace Disaster was a catastrophic event where the cargo ship Legacy Run collided with a Nihil Stormship in hyperspace. The collision caused the Legacy Run to tear apart, and its debris ejected out of hyperspace, impacting several worlds and causing widespread devastation. This event is a central plot point in the High Republic-era novel "Light of the Jedi" by Charles Soule.

The Acolyte is an exciting addition to the Star Wars franchise, pulling various elements from Star Wars lore, including books and Legends. With significant ties to the High Republic, it explores new narrative depths while staying true to the overarching Star Wars mythos. The show's reference to the Great Hyperspace Disaster enriches its plot and offers long-time Star Wars fans a rewarding connection to the broader galaxy's history, paving the way for even more intricate storytelling in future episodes or seasons.

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