Call of Duty star Nickmercs speaks out on Twitch ban crisis
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Call of Duty star Nickmercs speaks out on Twitch ban crisis

Jun 28, 2024 12:49 PM

Nickmercs, a prominent Call of Duty streamer, has been temporarily banned from Twitch for using a derogatory term during a livestream. The ban was enforced due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines, which strictly prohibit hate speech. This isn't the first controversy for Nickmercs, who last year had his in-game skin removed by Activision after making anti-LGBTQ+ comments. Despite the ban, the length of suspension remains unclear. Nickmercs' channel is flagged as unavailable, and Twitch has reiterated its commitment to zero tolerance policies regarding discriminatory language.

Why was Nickmercs banned from Twitch?

Nickmercs was banned from Twitch for using the derogatory term "tranny" during a livestream, which violates Twitch’s guidelines that prohibit any form of hate speech, discrimination, or harassment.

Nickmercs, real name Nick Kolcheff, is one of the most influential Call of Duty streamers with millions of followers. He became famous for his dynamic gameplay and engaging content but has faced several controversies over the years. Last year, Activision removed his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone skin following his anti-LGBTQ+ tweet. These controversies highlight the ongoing challenges in maintaining a positive and inclusive atmosphere in the gaming community, which companies like Twitch are committed to enforcing through strict guidelines and penalties.

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