EA reveals College Football 25 top 100 players list
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EA reveals College Football 25 top 100 players list

Jul 10, 2024 3:57 PM

EA Sports has unveiled the top 100 players for College Football 25, set to be released soon. This marks the first instance of real college players, such as Michigan's Will Johnson and LSU's Will Campbell, featuring in the game. College Football 25 allows players to use current college football stars due to a Supreme Court ruling permitting student-athletes to ink name, image, and likeness deals. EA offered $600 and a game copy to about 14,000 consenting players. The game releases on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on July 16 for the Deluxe Edition, with a standard edition available from July 19. EA has already released insights into the gameplay, Dynasty Mode, and College Ultimate Team.

When does College Football 25 release for standard edition owners?n

College Football 25 will be available for standard edition owners starting July 19, 2024.

College Football has been a popular series by EA Sports, with its last installment, College Football 14, released in 2013. The series' return has been eagerly awaited, especially with the incorporation of real NCAA athletes based on the recent changes in NCAA policy regarding player likeness rights. This game aims to provide a more authentic and enhanced football gaming experience to fans.

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