elden ring community heroes inspire the acolyte's villain
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elden ring community heroes inspire the acolyte's villain

Jul 02, 2024 7:39 PM

The Acolyte's fifth episode has reinvigorated Star Wars fandom with its impressive lightsaber fight and the intense excitement around its villain's unique appearance. The villain, known as The Master or Qimir, channels inspiration from Elden Ring's iconic player summons, like Let Me Solo Her, who are renowned for their minimalistic yet powerful combat style. Showrunner Leslye Headland revealed how Qimir's design took cues from Elden Ring's scantily clad warriors, emphasizing agility and offense over heavy armor. This decision sparked a significant discussion among fans and even raised internal debates during the character's design process. Headland and actor Manny Jacinto were keenly aware of the impact Qimir's aesthetic would have, ultimately finding success with the flowing garments and dual-blade saber that define the character. The episode was well-received, rated 9/10, for its exhilarating and unmasking storyline twists.

How did Elden Ring inspire The Acolyte's character design for Qimir?n

Qimir's character design in The Acolyte was inspired by Elden Ring's player summons, particularly figures like Let Me Solo Her, known for their minimalistic attire and aggressive combat style. The showrunner, Leslye Headland, wanted to create a Sith who relies on agility and offense rather than heavy armor, mirroring the approach taken by these Elden Ring players.

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, is known for its challenging gameplay and diverse range of player-created characters. One standout community figure, Let Me Solo Her, became legendary for helping players defeat tough bosses like Malenia while nearly unclothed, showcasing exceptional skill and confidence. This approach to combat—prioritizing lightness and freedom of movement—reflects the ethos behind Qimir's design in The Acolyte, blending gaming influences with Star Wars lore to create a memorable villain.

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