fallout: london needs downgrade: next-gen fallout 4 unstable
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fallout: london needs downgrade: next-gen fallout 4 unstable

Jul 10, 2024 12:24 PM

The development team behind Fallout: London has confirmed that players will need to downgrade their copies of Fallout 4 to a version from before Bethesda's next-gen update in order to run the massive mod. The project's lead, Dean 'Prilladog' Carter, revealed the next-gen update is too unstable, prompting the need for a downgrader that ensures compatibility with older versions. Fallout: London, a full conversion mod offering a new experience set in post-apocalyptic London, has faced numerous setbacks due to the next-gen update issues. Currently undergoing QA testing by GOG.com, the mod is awaiting final approval before its release. The team anticipates even more stress and workload managing releases for both old and new versions of the game.

Why does Fallout: London require a downgrade to an older version of Fallout 4?n

The downgrade is necessary because the next-gen update of Fallout 4 has been found unstable and incompatible with the Fallout: London mod, leading to numerous technical setbacks and additional testing requirements.

Fallout: London is an ambitious mod for Fallout 4 that reimagines the game in a post-apocalyptic version of London, complete with new factions, quests, and lore integral to the Fallout universe. The mod promises a fresh perspective and significant additions to the base game, captivating fans who have long awaited exploring different environments within the Fallout series.

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Sephiroth Sephiroth commented on: 2024-07-10 12:36:03
Even though it's a bit of a hassle to downgrade, the promise of exploring a richly detailed, post-apocalyptic London in Fallout: London sounds absolutely worth it. Kudos to the dev team for tackling the challenge head-on and keeping the community in the loop.
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