First Descendant Dev's Shocking Fix for Frame-Rate Issues: Reinstall
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First Descendant Dev's Shocking Fix for Frame-Rate Issues: Reinstall

Jul 03, 2024 1:54 PM

The First Descendant, a new looter shooter from Nexon, has had a rough launch marked by significant frame-rate drops on both PC and console. Despite a high player count on Steam, the game has received mixed reviews, mainly due to performance issues and aggressive microtransactions. Nexon has recognized the frame-rate problems, particularly for those who pre-downloaded the game. As a temporary fix, they suggest deleting and reinstalling the game. However, this solution has shown mixed results, with PC players reporting some improvement while console players continue to face issues. Additionally, Nexon has offered compensation for launch troubles, including unreceived rewards and premium currency. The developer continues to work on resolving these issues.

What can players do to improve The First Descendant's frame-rate issues on PC?

Nexon recommends that players experiencing frame-rate drops delete and reinstall the game as a temporary solution. Some players have reported this method helps improve performance on PC.

The First Descendant, developed by South Korean company Nexon, is a free-to-play looter shooter known for its fast-paced action and cooperative gameplay. Despite its ambitious launch, the game has struggled with technical issues and criticism regarding its microtransactions. Nonetheless, Nexon is actively addressing these concerns and working on solutions to improve player experience. If you're a fan of similar titles, such as Destiny 2 or Warframe, you might find The First Descendant intriguing once the technical issues are resolved.

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