first descendant thrives on steam despite microtransaction hell
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first descendant thrives on steam despite microtransaction hell

Jul 03, 2024 9:32 AM

The First Descendant, a free-to-download multiplayer looter shooter developed by Nexon, has achieved significant player numbers on Steam despite facing criticism for aggressive microtransactions. Players have drawn comparisons to Warframe, as the game involves co-op play and a progression system centered around mission completion and boss battles. Despite its popularity, the game's monetization strategies, which include a premium currency called Caliber and purchasable characters and skins, have been labeled as "predatory" by many users, leading to a 'mixed' review rating on Steam. Nexon has acknowledged issues with item delivery and offered compensation to affected players.

What are the major criticisms of The First Descendant's monetization model?n

The major criticisms include aggressive use of microtransactions, forcing players to purchase more virtual currency than needed, locking in-game paints to specific skins requiring repurchases, and selling premium characters and exclusive items for real money. Players are also unable to earn the premium currency Caliber through gameplay alone.

The First Descendant is comparable to other games developed by Nexon, known for titles like KartRider: Drift and MapleStory, which also feature free-to-play models with extensive in-game purchases. Players have expressed frustration, noting that new characters and ultimate versions with better stats can be costly, adding to the perception of a 'pay-to-win' environment. Despite these issues, the game's initial popularity suggests a solid foundation in gameplay mechanics and co-op engagement.

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