Manor Lords devs fire back at post-launch content critics
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Manor Lords devs fire back at post-launch content critics

Jul 08, 2024 1:01 PM

The article discusses the controversy surrounding the Early Access game, Manor Lords, and its release strategy. Publisher Hooded Horse refutes claims that the medieval city builder failed to keep players engaged post-launch due to insufficient content updates. Despite criticism, CEO Tim Bender highlights that the game sold millions of copies and maintains high user reviews on Steam. Bender emphasizes focusing on long-term vision rather than fleeting trends and unrealistic growth expectations. The discussion also touches upon the broader issues in the gaming industry where single-player Early Access games often face undue pressure to constantly boost their user bases, paralleling the recent example of Palworld.

What can developers do to keep players engaged in Early Access games?n

Developers can keep players engaged by consistently providing meaningful updates, incorporating community feedback, and maintaining transparent communication about future content and development plans.

Manor Lords, developed by Slavic Magic, launched on April 26, 2024, and is available on PC and Game Pass. The game immerses players in a medieval city-building experience, allowing them to create and manage their own settlements. Despite its Early Access status, it quickly rose to popularity for its detailed graphics and complex gameplay mechanics, reflecting a well-thought-out game design and a promising future as it continues to develop further.

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