Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel Lead New VHS Beyond Team
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Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel Lead New VHS Beyond Team

Jul 10, 2024 7:18 PM

Shudder has announced the title, release date, and creative lineup for the seventh installment of the horror anthology series V/H/S, titled V/H/S Beyond. The latest entry will premiere on Shudder on October 4 and features six segments that blend horror and sci-fi elements into a hellish landscape. Notable contributors include Mike Flanagan, known for his films like Doctor Sleep and Netflix series such as The Haunting of Hill House, and Kate Siegel, Flanagan’s frequent collaborator. Another key creative is Justin Long, who partners with his brother Christian Long to create a segment dubbed Fur Babies. The official lineup showcases segments like Stowaway, Fur Babies, Live and Let Dive, Dream Girl, and introductions by Jay Cheel.

nWhen will V/H/S Beyond be released?

The seventh installment of the V/H/S series, V/H/S Beyond, is set to premiere on Shudder on October 4.

The V/H/S series has garnered a dedicated following over the years, starting from its debut in 2012. Each installment features a collection of short horror films presented in a found-footage style, contributing to its unique storytelling approach. The latest installment, V/H/S/85, premiered last year and received favorable reviews, maintaining the series' reputation for blending creative horror narratives with the found-footage format.

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