new Deadpool trailer drops first look at Sabretooth
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new Deadpool trailer drops first look at Sabretooth

Jun 28, 2024 1:47 PM

Marvel has unveiled Sabretooth in the upcoming "Deadpool & Wolverine" movie through a new trailer. This teaser showcases an awaited rematch between Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Tyler Mane's Sabretooth, with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool adding his humorous commentary. Sabretooth, initially seen as a minor villain in the X-Men films, returns over 20 years later for what promises to be an intense showdown. The trailer hints at multiverse events, teasing a potential short life for Sabretooth in the MCU. "Deadpool & Wolverine," the only MCU movie of 2024, releases on July 26.

Who plays Sabretooth in Deadpool & Wolverine?n

Tyler Mane reprises his role as Sabretooth in "Deadpool & Wolverine."

In the original "X-Men" films, Sabretooth played a minor role as one of Magneto's henchmen, first appearing in the 2000 movie. Since then, the character has evolved with a richer backstory in the comics, known for his brutal confrontations with Wolverine. His return in the MCU through "Deadpool & Wolverine" hints at exploring deeper character dynamics and long-standing rivalries, aligning with the multiverse narrative currently prominent in Marvel movies.

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