Sega reveals Crazy Taxi reboot as open-world MMO sensation
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Sega reveals Crazy Taxi reboot as open-world MMO sensation

Jul 01, 2024 12:18 PM

Sega has ambitious plans for the Crazy Taxi reboot, transforming it into an open-world, massively multiplayer AAA game. Originally launched in arcades in 1999 and gaining popularity through console ports like the Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi featured players speeding through cities to deliver passengers, performing stunts to earn points. Now, Sega is modernizing the series with a large-scale map inspired by the U.S. West Coast and new mechanics while keeping the classic gameplay style. Details on a theme park-like map and the ability to drive different types of cars, like police vehicles, have been revealed, but no release date is set yet.

What new features will the Crazy Taxi reboot include compared to the original game?n

The Crazy Taxi reboot will include a large-scale, open-world map inspired by the U.S. West Coast, new mechanics such as the ability to drive different types of cars (including police vehicles), and massively multiplayer functionality, allowing many players to interact simultaneously.

Crazy Taxi first appeared in arcades in 1999 before being ported to consoles like the Dreamcast. Its popularity stemmed from its fast-paced, stunt-based gameplay, which set it apart from other driving games of its time. The Game Awards 2023 also saw Sega announce new entries in other franchises such as Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage, alongside a teaser trailer showcasing brief gameplay clips for these revived classics.

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