shocking PlayStation Plus July 2024 games lineup revealed
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shocking PlayStation Plus July 2024 games lineup revealed

Jun 26, 2024 4:29 PM

Sony has unveiled the lineup of PlayStation Plus Essential Tier games for July 2024, featuring prominent titles like Borderlands 3, NHL 24, and Among Us, available for PS4 and PS5. These games will be accessible at no additional cost starting July 2 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Additionally, Genshin Impact players will receive a special PlayStation Plus Pack on July 16. This exclusive pack includes 160 Primogems, four Fragile Resin, 20 Hero's Wit, 30 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 150,000 Mora.

Borderlands 3 stands out as a top pick, continuing the iconic looter shooter saga set in Pandora, offering both solo and cooperative gameplay experiences with a mix of humor and diverse missions. NHL 24, aligning with the end of the NFL season, brings renewed excitement with updated on-ice action despite its unwavered game modes. Lastly, Among Us, the viral deception game, encourages players to work together to ready a spaceship for departure while identifying the imposters among them.

nWhat games are included in the PlayStation Plus Essential Tier for July 2024?

For July 2024, the PlayStation Plus Essential Tier includes Borderlands 3, NHL 24, and Among Us.


Borderlands 3 continues the series' tradition of chaotic gameplay, featuring an impressive arsenal of weapons, engaging missions, and humorous undertones. The game's storyline revolves around the battle against the Calypso Twins and their cult of followers. Borderlands 3 received high praise for its dynamic gameplay and rich content, making it a significant addition to the PlayStation Plus lineup for July.

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