Xbox's Keystone Console: Shocking New Details Revealed
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Xbox's Keystone Console: Shocking New Details Revealed

Jun 26, 2024 6:56 PM

Microsoft's Project Keystone, a device initially planned for cloud-based game streaming, ultimately got canceled due to high production costs. Launched in 2021, the device was aimed at providing a budget-friendly alternative to the Xbox Series S by enabling gamers to stream Xbox games directly to their TVs or monitors. While the exact design details emerged from a 2022 patent, featuring a small box shape with Xbox power and Bluetooth pairing buttons, the plan was scrapped in favor of more affordable options. Despite this, the core idea continues through the Xbox TV App available on select Samsung smart TVs and gaming monitors.

What was Project Keystone?n

Project Keystone was a proposed device from Microsoft designed to stream Xbox games from the cloud directly to TVs or monitors without requiring additional hardware beyond the device itself.

Project Keystone aimed to further Microsoft's vision of cloud gaming, an extension of their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The concept was to eliminate the need for traditional consoles by offering a cheaper entry point without sacrificing access to a robust library of games. Although the physical device was canceled, the Xbox TV App succeeded it, integrating Xbox game streaming capabilities into smart TVs, particularly those from Samsung, thereby maintaining Microsoft's presence in the cloud gaming space.

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