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Time's Running Out to Grab Phasmophobia Before Price Hike

Jul 14, 2024 9:21 AM

If you've been eyeing Phasmophobia, now might be the right time to purchase it before the price rises later this year. Despite the waning hype, the game remains popular and constantly updated. Notably, Kinetic Games has confirmed through a recent Steam post that Phasmophobia will finally be released on consoles this year, coinciding with their in-game Halloween Event. When launched, it will feature cross-play, allowing seamless gameplay across PC and various consoles, including VR platforms. The developers are working with Unity to optimize performance across all platforms, ensuring smooth gameplay and the simultaneous release of future updates.

One of the key points to note is the upcoming price increase. Currently available at $13.99, Phasmophobia's price will soon rise to $19.99, reflecting the extensive content added since early access. Although this isn't a massive hike, it might influence your decision to purchase the game now.

When is Phasmophobia's console release?

The console release of Phasmophobia is scheduled for this year, during the in-game Halloween Event.

Phasmophobia, developed by Kinetic Games, is an indie horror game that took the gaming community by storm upon its initial release. The game involves players taking on the roles of ghost hunters, using various gadgets to identify and communicate with different types of spirits in haunted locations. Its unique cooperative gameplay and chilling atmosphere have earned it a dedicated following, keeping it relevant through continuous updates and new features.

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