59% of Steam Players Use Xbox Controllers: Valve Reveals
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59% of Steam Players Use Xbox Controllers: Valve Reveals

Jun 26, 2024 7:06 PM

Valve has shared a new report revealing a significant increase in gamers using controllers on Steam, with daily average usage tripling from 5% to 15% since 2018. The report highlights that 59% of these users prefer Xbox controllers, followed by PlayStation controllers at 26%, and Steam Decks making up 10%. This surge in controller usage has led Valve to enhance its controller-friendly services, including updates to the Big Picture mode, new controller configurator, improved gyro aiming, and support for various controllers, including the new Steam HORIPAD launching in Japan. Valve's continued focus on controller support is part of their broader strategy, which includes the release of the Steam Deck in 2022 and the earlier attempt with the Steam Controller in 2015.

What percentage of Steam users prefer Xbox controllers for their gaming sessions?

According to Valve, 59% of Steam users who play with controllers prefer using Xbox controllers for their gaming sessions.

The Steam Deck, introduced in 2022, marked Valve’s ambitious entry into portable PC gaming. While it received a mixed review of 7/10, it established itself as a notable player in the handheld gaming market. Valve's initial foray into custom controllers was with the Steam Controller in 2015, which, despite mixed reviews and eventual discontinuation, showcased the company's innovative approach to gaming hardware. Valve's dedication to improving controller support reflects its ongoing commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for a diverse user base.

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