amazon's new fire tv devices now support xbox cloud gaming
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amazon's new fire tv devices now support xbox cloud gaming

Jun 27, 2024 2:00 PM

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Amazon to bring the Xbox app to Fire TV devices, specifically the 2023 models of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Stick 4K. This initiative is part of Microsoft's broader strategy to expand access to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in over 25 countries can now stream games via the Xbox app on these select Fire TV devices. Players simply need to install the app, log into their account, and connect a Bluetooth wireless controller to start gaming. This move follows previous expansions, such as integrating the Xbox app with Samsung smart TVs and Meta's VR headsets. Despite these conveniences, Microsoft maintains that the quintessential Xbox gaming experience is through Xbox hardware.

What Fire TV devices are compatible with the Xbox app for cloud gaming?

The Xbox app for cloud gaming is compatible with the 2023 models of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, allows players to stream a vast library of games without needing a traditional console. This capability reflects Microsoft's commitment to making games accessible on various devices, from smart TVs to VR headsets. First introduced officially in 2020, Xbox Cloud Gaming lets users enjoy high-quality gaming even without the latest hardware, provided they have a stable internet connection. This initiative is part of Microsoft's vision to create a gaming ecosystem that connects more players around the world.

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