Apex Legends’ Battle Pass Shake-Up Leaves Fans Fuming
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Apex Legends’ Battle Pass Shake-Up Leaves Fans Fuming

Jul 08, 2024 7:50 PM

Developers EA and Respawn Entertainment have introduced a new structure to the Apex Legends Battle Pass starting with Season 22, which has sparked discontent among fans. The Battle Pass will now be split into two parts, each comprising 60 levels and costing $10 per part. This shift from the previous model, where players could use Apex Coins earned from gameplay to purchase future passes, has upset players who now need to pay real-world currency to access both halves of the pass. In addition, the Premium Bundle is now called Premium+ and comes at a cost of $19.99, offering more exclusive rewards. Despite the promise of increased rewards and refined seasonal progression, many players are discontented with the changes, especially the necessity to spend more money for the same level of content.

How will the new Apex Legends Battle Pass structure affect player spending?

The new Apex Legends Battle Pass structure will require players to spend more real-world currency, with a total of $20 needed to access both parts of the pass per season. This change eliminates the option to use Apex Coins earned through gameplay for future passes, leading to increased out-of-pocket expenses for avid players.

Apex Legends, released in 2019, has seen continued evolution, adding more Legends, weapons, abilities, maps, and game modes. This Titanfall universe-based game has consistently been updated to enhance player experience, but the recent changes to the Battle Pass could impact player engagement and satisfaction. Players can still use Apex Coins for other in-game purchases, including Apex Packs and Legends.

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