arch manning to appear in college football 25 after all
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arch manning to appear in college football 25 after all

Jul 09, 2024 7:21 PM

In a recent tweet, college football star Arch Manning confirmed his participation in the upcoming EA Sports title College Football 25. Manning, who is currently a backup quarterback for the University of Texas Longhorns, shared a promotional video on X/Twitter, alongside his uncle, NFL icon Eli Manning. This announcement contradicts earlier reports suggesting Arch would decline to focus solely on his on-field performance. College Football 25 is a highly anticipated release, as it's the first college football video game since 2013's NCAA Football 14 and features a roster exceeding 11,000 student-athletes. The game introduces enhanced passing mechanics and a new Wear & Tear System.

nWhat new features can players expect in College Football 25? n

Players can look forward to revamped passing mechanics and a new Wear & Tear System, which aims to add more realism to the gameplay. Additionally, the game marks the first use of real student-athlete likeness, making the in-game experience more authentic.


The College Football series, known for its deep Dynasty mode and immersive gameplay, has been eagerly awaited by fans for over a decade. The return of this franchise, featuring cutting-edge graphics and gameplay innovations, promises to redefine the virtual college football experience.

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