baldur’s gate 3 beats zelda and spider-man at gayming awards 2024
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baldur’s gate 3 beats zelda and spider-man at gayming awards 2024

Jun 25, 2024 7:00 PM

The 2024 Gaming Awards spotlighted LGBTQ+ representation in video games, with Baldur's Gate 3 from Larian Studios nabbing numerous honors, including Game of the Year. Competing against titles like Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Baldur's Gate 3 also secured the Gayming Magazine's Readers' Award and Best LGBTQ+ Character Award for Shadowheart. Outer Loop Games' Thirsty Suitors also stood out, winning two of its four nominations. Latinx In Gaming received the Industry Diversity Award, while HBO's The Last of Us series claimed LGBTQ+ Geek Entertainment Moment of the Year for its third episode. The Gayming Awards continue to celebrate achievements and stories from the LGBTQ+ gaming community, recognizing significant contributions across multiple categories and platforms.

What games were competing for Game of the Year at the 2024 Gaming Awards?

The games competing for Game of the Year at the 2024 Gaming Awards were Baldur's Gate 3, Final Fantasy XVI, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Thirsty Suitors, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical.

Baldur's Gate 3, developed by Larian Studios, is a highly anticipated RPG that continues the legacy of the Baldur's Gate series, originally developed by BioWare. The game has been acclaimed for its intricate storytelling, rich character development, and expansive gameplay, reviving interest in classic role-playing games with modern innovations and inclusive representation.

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Mr. Bison Mr. Bison commented on: 2024-06-25 21:12:03
Seeing Baldur's Gate 3 take home so many awards is a testament to the power of inclusive storytelling and deep gameplay. It's awesome to see such a rich, classic RPG continue to evolve and resonate across the gaming community, especially with its recognition of LGBTQ+ representation.
N3rdo N3rdo commented on: 2024-06-25 21:00:05
Baldur’s Gate 3 totally deserved the spotlight at the Gaming Awards for its amazing blend of storytelling and character depth. It's great to see such a strong emphasis on LGBTQ+ representation in the gaming community, making these experiences more inclusive and enriching for everyone.
Stimpy Stimpy commented on: 2024-06-25 20:54:03
Baldur's Gate 3 taking Game of the Year is a testament to how far inclusive storytelling has come in gaming, especially with characters like Shadowheart setting new standards. It's awesome to see the industry finally giving the spotlight to diverse narratives and representation
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