Battlefield 2042 Launches Unexpected Dead Space Crossover
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Battlefield 2042 Launches Unexpected Dead Space Crossover

Jul 04, 2024 9:05 AM

Battlefield 2042 is ending its post-launch content drops with Season 7, and as a final surprise, EA/DICE announced a Dead Space crossover event. Running from July 9 to 16, this limited-time event is intriguing, considering the Dead Space remake launched more than a year ago with mixed commercial success despite positive reviews. The event will recycle zombie-like enemies from Season 6, adding a horde-like mode reminiscent of classic co-op shooters. Players can earn various rewards including a weapon charm, skin, tag, and player background, and can purchase a Dead Space-themed bundle for 2200 BFC, which is around $20.

What rewards can players earn in the Battlefield 2042 Dead Space crossover event?n

Players participating in the Battlefield 2042 Dead Space event can earn a weapon charm, a skin, a tag, and a player background. Additionally, a Dead Space-themed bundle is available for purchase.

The Dead Space series began as a major name in survival horror, debuting in 2008. Despite critical acclaim, the franchise faced commercial struggles, leading to various cancellations and relaunch attempts. The latest entry, the 2023 remake, was seen as a beacon of hope for long-time fans, though it didn't achieve the expected commercial success. Battlefield 2042, on the other hand, had a rocky start but saw significant improvements post-launch, extending its lifecycle beyond initial expectations.

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Stimpy Stimpy commented on: 2024-07-04 09:30:04
This crossover is a fun, nostalgic touch for fans of both franchises, especially with the Dead Space remake still fresh in our minds despite its mixed commercial reception. It's nice to see Battlefield 2042 ending on a creative note, giving players some thematic rewards and a unique mode to dive into.
Rolling R!ck Rolling R!ck commented on: 2024-07-04 09:24:03
It's surprising but kinda cool to see a Dead Space crossover in Battlefield 2042, especially after the mixed success of the remake. Hopefully, this event will give fans a fun mashup and some juicy rewards to send the game off on a high note.
Mr. Bison Mr. Bison commented on: 2024-07-04 09:12:03
This Dead Space crossover in Battlefield 2042 seems like a clever way to blend two fan-favorite franchises, even if it’s coming a bit late. It’s a cool chance to mix it up with some sci-fi horror vibes, especially since Battlefield's post-launch content ends with Season 7.
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