Blumhouse reveals James Wan's plan for a M3GAN game
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Blumhouse reveals James Wan's plan for a M3GAN game

Jul 03, 2024 4:46 PM

Blumhouse Games is making its mark in the gaming industry with a focus on indie horror games. Known for its blockbuster horror films like "Get Out" and "M3GAN," Blumhouse is now venturing into the gaming world with a spirit of experimentation. Their initial slate includes unique titles like "Fear the Spotlight," "Project C" by Sam Barlow, and the horrific farming sim "Grave Seasons." Blumhouse Games' approach involves collaborating with talented developers and consulting with prolific horror producer James Wan. While they aim to eventually incorporate established IPs, they are currently focused on building a sustainable indie horror label without rushing acquisitions or expansions. Their upcoming games aim to provide authentic horror experiences, resonating with both gaming and film audiences.

What kind of games is Blumhouse Games focusing on?

Blumhouse Games is focusing on indie horror games, bringing a unique brand of horror inspired by their successful films.

Blumhouse Games' involvement in the video game industry marks a significant expansion beyond their film roots. Founded in 2023, the game development arm aims to harness the studio's expertise in horror to develop and publish games that offer immersive and terrifying experiences. Their innovative approach promises to blend the lines between movies and games, potentially leading to successful transmedia franchises. This new endeavor is set against the backdrop of the broader industry trend toward adapting popular film properties into video games, a space where Blumhouse Games seems poised to become a major player.

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