capcom ditches exoprimal updates one year after launch
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capcom ditches exoprimal updates one year after launch

Jul 05, 2024 11:27 AM

Capcom's dinosaur-themed mech shooter, Exoprimal, will no longer receive new content updates just one year after its launch in July 2023. Despite efforts to create a successful live service game with updates and crossovers, Exoprimal struggled to maintain a strong player base with only 66 peak concurrent players on Steam. Capcom announced that Title Update 4 marks the end of seasonal content, and starting July 11, previously released content will be recycled in a seasonal cycle from Season 1 to 4. Though Capcom reassured that all online services and gameplay modes will remain available, the original content plans have concluded. This strategy follows challenges faced by the new IP but sees the fact that over one million players engaged as a positive. With Exoprimal absent from Capcom's platinum-selling titles, it continues to offer bots to ensure comprehensive gameplay experiences.

Why will Exoprimal stop receiving new content updates?

Capcom has decided to halt new content updates due to the game’s underwhelming player engagement and concurrent player counts, leading to the recycling of existing content in a seasonal format instead.

Exoprimal's launch initially raised concerns about the potential revival of Capcom's beloved dinosaur survival horror game, Dino Crisis. Fans were teased with a celebratory tweet for Dino Crisis's 25th anniversary, sparking speculation. Despite the challenges with Exoprimal as a fresh intellectual property, Capcom considered the engagement of over one million players a positive indicator. However, Exoprimal's inability to enter the ranks of Capcom’s platinum-selling titles, along with low player retention, influenced the decision to repurpose content instead of creating new updates.

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