City Skylines 2 Delayed on Console Due to Major Issues
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City Skylines 2 Delayed on Console Due to Major Issues

Jul 08, 2024 1:44 PM

The console release of "Cities: Skylines 2" has been delayed indefinitely due to ongoing stability and performance issues, according to publisher Paradox. Initially planned for an October 2024 release, the game’s console version has struggled to meet the set performance targets, leading to the delay. Paradox has committed to keeping players updated on progress, with a new release candidate set for evaluation in August. Despite the game’s rocky beginning on PC in October 2023, the developers are dedicated to improving the player experience on console without compromising their focus on the PC version.

Why is the console release of Cities: Skylines 2 delayed indefinitely?n

The console release of "Cities: Skylines 2" is delayed indefinitely due to unresolved stability and performance issues. According to publisher Paradox, the game has not yet met the necessary criteria to ensure a satisfactory player experience, prompting the delay to focus on resolving these problems.

"Cities: Skylines 2," developed by Colossal Order, is the sequel to the popular city-building game "Cities: Skylines." The original game, released in 2015, was highly praised for its detailed simulation and modding support, becoming a favorite among city-building enthusiasts. Colossal Order's ambitious sequel set out to expand on this success but has faced numerous challenges, including performance issues and the reception of rushed DLC content. The development team's acknowledgment of these issues and their commitment to ongoing improvements demonstrate their dedication to delivering a refined gaming experience.

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