Cod’s New Gun Cooks Foes—Is Fortnite to Blame
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Cod’s New Gun Cooks Foes—Is Fortnite to Blame

Jul 02, 2024 11:31 AM

Call of Duty has introduced a new weapon called the "Extra Crispy" gun in its Warzone Mobile version, bringing a wave of mixed reactions from the gaming community. This unconventional gun allows players to cook, eat, and turn enemies into fried chicken, with an elaborate weapon inspection animation. The addition has sparked debates on social media and forums, with some hardcore fans criticizing it as a further departure from the franchise's original military simulation tone. However, the reaction to the weapon is varied, with other players finding it humorous and likening it to the game’s Zombies mode, which is also unrealistic. The "Extra Crispy" gun represents a broader trend in the game involving outlandish cosmetic microtransactions driven by Activision's lucrative business model. Call of Duty is looking to refresh its approach with the release of Black Ops 6 later this year, as previous cosmetics from Modern Warfare 2 and 3 will not carry over, offering a temporary return to realism.

How are players reacting to the "Extra Crispy" gun in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile?n

Reactions to the "Extra Crispy" gun are divided. Some hardcore players are unhappy, feeling it departs too far from the series' original military simulation feel, while others find it amusing and comparable to the unrealistic elements in the Zombies mode. Social media and forums have been buzzing with both criticism and humor regarding this new addition.

Call of Duty is a long-standing franchise known for its impactful presence in the first-person shooter genre. Initially launched in 2003, the series has shifted from its traditional military simulation roots to include various pop culture elements and crossover events. The introduction of Warzone, a free-to-play battle royale game, marked a significant evolution in the franchise, expanding its player base and making it more competitive with games like Fortnite. The controversial “Extra Crispy” gun aligns with this trend, reflecting the series' ongoing experimentation with non-traditional content to engage players and boost microtransaction sales.

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