Developer Abandons Tribes 3 Only 3 Months After Launch
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Developer Abandons Tribes 3 Only 3 Months After Launch

Jun 28, 2024 10:52 AM

Tribes 3, developed by Prophecy Games, is seeing its support vanish just three months post-launch. The game, which was highly anticipated by fans of the series, struggled with low player numbers despite a generally positive launch review on Steam. The peak player count reached only 890 concurrent users at launch and has dwindled to a concerning 26 concurrent players according to SteamDB. Prophecy Games has decided to shift its focus toward their upcoming fast-paced 3v3 sports shooter Ultra Strikers, offering credits to players who invested money in Tribes 3 and the prior title Starsiege Deadzone. The studio cited the lack of sufficient success for either game as the primary reason for this pivot. Although there will be limited updates and an upcoming discount sale meant to retain some player base, the future of Tribes 3 looks bleak. Some players feel abandoned and have criticized Prophecy Games for unmet promises and a lackluster post-launch support. The game’s recent reviews have shifted to a mixed rating, showcasing the community's discontent.

What are the reasons behind the developer's decision to abandon Tribes 3?

The developer, Prophecy Games, decided to abandon Tribes 3 due to its failure to attract a sufficient player base and overall lack of success. Despite mostly positive initial reviews, the game saw low player engagement, making it financially unsustainable for the studio to continue focusing on its development.

Tribes 3 aimed to revive the fast-paced, multiplayer first-person shooter style that was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. The franchise is known for its jetpack-assisted aerial combat and large maps, which were revolutionary in the shooter genre at the time. The original series, including titles like Tribes 2, has a passionate fan base that had high hopes for this new installment.

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