EA Sports' College Football 25: First Gameplay Reveal
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EA Sports' College Football 25: First Gameplay Reveal

Jul 08, 2024 3:30 PM

College Football 25 is set for release soon, and EA Sports has provided a first look at the gameplay. The gameplay footage features college football content creator James "BordeauxYT" Bordeaux and University of Michigan running back Donovan Edwards, who is one of the cover athletes. Commentary is supplied by EA Madden Championship Series broadcaster Nick Mizesko, College Football 25 Design Director Scott O'Gallagher, and Gameplay Designer Will Sykes. Key features discussed include new passing mechanics, pitch types, the Stadium Pulse meter, and the Wear & Tear system. EA Sports also announced new content updates such as College Ultimate Team, the launch roster, and enhancements to the Road to Glory mode. College Football 25 marks the first college football video game since 2013’s NCAA Football 14 and the first to feature current Division 1 FBS student-athletes. The game will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on July 16 for pre-orders and July 19 for other players.

What new gameplay features can players expect in College Football 25?

Players can expect new passing mechanics that use three different colors to denote throw safety and accuracy, various pitch types, a Stadium Pulse meter that reflects crowd impact, and a Wear & Tear system affecting player endurance and performance.

College Football 25 is the highly anticipated return of EA Sports' college football video game series, the first since NCAA Football 14, which gained a dedicated following for its realism and depth. The inclusion of current student-athletes and modern features is aimed at creating an immersive and authentic experience for fans of college football.

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