elden ring dlc shadow of the erdtree hits 5m in 3 days
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elden ring dlc shadow of the erdtree hits 5m in 3 days

Jun 27, 2024 2:24 PM

The Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, achieved remarkable success, selling five million copies within just three days of its release on June 20. Despite the requirement of defeating two challenging bosses to access the DLC, the expansion saw tremendous support from fans globally. Bandai Namco's confidence proved justified as the DLC attracted a significant portion of the 25 million Elden Ring players, leading to an impressive 20% of the base game owners purchasing it. Initial mixed reviews due to challenging bosses and performance issues have since improved to mostly positive ratings. Shadow of the Erdtree is now acclaimed as the highest-rated video game expansion of all time, surpassing Witcher 3's Blood and Wine. IGN rated it 10/10, praising its 20-25 hour campaign that raises the bar for single-player DLC expansions. This DLC continues to enhance the landmark experience that Elden Ring provided.

What requirements must be met to access Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC?

Players must defeat two challenging bosses, including an optional one, to access the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

Elden Ring's overall success, surpassing 25 million copies sold, highlights its impact on the RPG genre. Developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring blends intricate storytelling with extensive world-building, influenced by collaboration with author George R.R. Martin. Its original release in February 2022 captured a large fanbase due to its intricate design and challenging gameplay, setting a new standard in the action RPG market.

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