Epic medieval fantasy RPG Alkahest wows with stunning visuals
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Epic medieval fantasy RPG Alkahest wows with stunning visuals

Jun 26, 2024 1:00 PM

Alkahest is an exciting new first-person medieval fantasy action RPG developed by Push On. This game promises to be a spiritual successor to Dark Messiah of Might & Magic while drawing influences from Dishonored and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Set in the tumultuous kingdom of Kadanor, you play as the youngest son of a minor lord, navigating through power struggles among three competing houses. The game emphasizes dynamic combat, allowing you to use the environment to your advantage—think dropping trees on foes or pushing them off cliffs. Alchemy plays a significant role, replacing traditional magic systems with customizable throwables, drinkables, weapon oils, and traps. Stealth and direct combat are both viable strategies in this immersive, medieval world. Alkahest is currently in development for PC, with more updates to follow.

What are the gameplay elements of Alkahest?

Alkahest offers dynamic combat that integrates environmental interactions, such as using the surroundings to defeat enemies. The game also features a robust alchemy system, where you can create various throwables, drinkables, weapon oils, and traps to enhance your combat experience.

Alkahest stands out with its blend of influences from Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Dishonored, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, promising both strategic combat and immersive storytelling. Players will explore detailed medieval locations, from castles to forests, providing a richly textured game world. The development team's focus on interactivity and realism aims to set a new standard in RPG experiences.

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