First Descendant Dev Investigates Abusive Chat ‘Cesspool’
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First Descendant Dev Investigates Abusive Chat ‘Cesspool’

Jul 05, 2024 2:45 PM

Nexon's new game, The First Descendant, has been battling a wave of player toxicity since its launch on June 30. The free-to-play looter shooter, which blends elements of Warframe and Destiny, faces issues with toxic chat behavior, including inappropriate comments and hack advertisements. Nexon is investigating these issues and urges players to report abusive behavior through the in-game feature. Additionally, the game is plagued by performance problems, particularly on the PlayStation 5, and players are waiting on promised rewards, including Twitch drops. Despite these challenges, the game has seen a significant player base, peaking at 239,513 concurrent players on Steam. Nexon has apologized and compensated with in-game resources, and a hotfix is underway to address these issues.

What are the main issues players are facing in The First Descendant?n

Players of The First Descendant are encountering toxic chat behavior, performance issues on the PlayStation 5, and delays in receiving promised rewards like Twitch drops. Nexon is working on resolving these problems, but complaints and frustrations from the community persist.

The First Descendant is heavily inspired by popular looter shooters like Warframe and Destiny. In these games, players often seek to collect various items and upgrade their characters through cooperative gameplay. The First Descendant tries to capture this dynamic but faces early setbacks with player behavior and technical issues. Nexon's rapid response and planned fixes are crucial for retaining its burgeoning player base and ensuring long-term success.

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