Helldivers 2 players discover mid-air salutes that save lives
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Helldivers 2 players discover mid-air salutes that save lives

Jul 08, 2024 4:07 PM

In Helldivers 2, players have discovered a quirky bug that actually reduces fall damage when performing in-air salutes and hugs, a feature they hope Arrowhead Game Studios won't patch out. This bug occurs when players, instead of ragdolling, use emotes mid-fall, resulting in hilarious poses like salutes or T-poses. The community enjoys this bug not only because it's funny but also because it unexpectedly minimizes fall damage, possibly by repositioning the character's landing position. Some players even want this bug to become part of the game's lore, showcasing the determination and patriotism of the Helldivers.

How can Helldivers 2 players reduce fall damage?n

Helldivers 2 players can reduce fall damage by using emotes mid-fall, such as salutes or hugs. This results in the character's body becoming rigid, which seems to decrease the amount of damage taken upon landing.

As background, Helldivers 2 is a top-down shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. The game continues the story from the first Helldivers, where players fight for Super Earth against various alien threats. The game is known for its challenging cooperative gameplay and humorous elements, which this new bug seems to fit perfectly into.

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Sephiroth Sephiroth commented on: 2024-07-08 16:30:04
Gotta love when a bug turns into a beloved feature – emote mid-fall to dodge damage in Helldivers 2 is just peak gamer ingenuity. Here’s hoping Arrowhead lets this one slide; it adds a layer of hilarity and charm to the chaos.
Rolling R!ck Rolling R!ck commented on: 2024-07-08 16:18:02
Gotta love when unexpected quirks like this pop up in games, especially when they add a bit of humor and utility Hopefully, Arrowhead sees the fun side and lets players keep saluting mid-air to avoid those nasty landings.
N3rdo N3rdo commented on: 2024-07-08 16:12:04
Gotta love it when a game bug unintentionally adds to the fun factor Fingers crossed, Arrowhead Game Studios keeps this hilarious fall damage hack – it's like a badge of honor for the most patriotic Helldivers out there.
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