Inside Out 2 smashes $1 billion record for animated films
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Inside Out 2 smashes $1 billion record for animated films

Jul 01, 2024 5:59 PM

Inside Out 2 has shattered records, becoming the fastest animated film to reach $1 billion at the global box office in just 19 days. With a current total of $1.014 billion, this Pixar and Disney masterpiece surpasses its predecessor's lifetime earnings of $857 million. It's also 2024's first billion-dollar film, making significant strides with $469.3 million domestically and $545.5 million internationally. The movie is yet to release in certain markets like Japan, promising even higher figures. Inside Out 2 is already the 11th highest-grossing animated film ever and continues to climb.

The movie's success is a crucial win for Pixar, which faced challenges recently, including a disappointing performance from Lightyear and layoffs affecting 14% of its workforce. The studio aims to refocus on theatrical releases and its most beloved IPs, hinting at potential sequels for The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. With Inside Out 2's triumph, Pixar's strategy of prioritizing sequels appears to be paying off.

How did Pixar's strategy evolve due to Inside Out 2's success?n

Due to the success of Inside Out 2, Pixar plans to continue focusing on sequels to its popular IPs, moving away from the production for Disney+ and targeting theatrical releases to regain its former box office glory.

Inside Out 2 continues the beloved story of Riley and her emotions as they navigate the complex landscape of puberty. Its predecessor, Inside Out, released in 2015, was highly acclaimed for its innovative portrayal of emotions through colorful characters like Joy, Sadness, and Anger. This film not only grossed $857 million worldwide but also won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Pixar's effort to delve deeper into emotional storytelling has clearly resonated with global audiences, cementing the franchise's significance in contemporary animation.

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