long-anticipated Satisfactory 1.0 release date revealed
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long-anticipated Satisfactory 1.0 release date revealed

Jul 05, 2024 3:26 PM

Coffee Stain Studios’ acclaimed factory building game, Satisfactory, finally has a version 1.0 release date: September 10, 2024. After spending five years in early access and selling an impressive 5.5 million copies, the game leaves early access with grand upgrades, including a new "premium plumbing" feature in the HUB that introduces an advanced flushing mechanism for an extra touch of luxury. Satisfactory, which recently upgraded to Unreal Engine 5, is an open-world game that combines factory building, exploration, and combat for up to four players. Tasked with exploiting a diverse alien planet, players construct intricate multi-story factories, defend against alien lifeforms, automate vehicles, and research new technologies. The game has seen eight major updates and hundreds of smaller ones since its early access debut in March 2019, buoyed by a strong community that continues to drive its popularity.

When is the full release date for Satisfactory version 1.0?n

The full release date for Satisfactory version 1.0 is September 10, 2024.

Satisfactory is developed by Coffee Stain Studios, the same team behind the quirky hit Goat Simulator. Known for its intricate and engaging gameplay, Satisfactory allows players to explore a vast alien world while constructing massive automated factories. The game’s upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 promises enhanced graphics and new gameplay mechanics that elevate the experience. With a strong following and continuous updates over five years, the 1.0 release is highly anticipated by fans who have followed its development journey.

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