netflix's terminator zero casts rosario dawson, ahsoka star
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netflix's terminator zero casts rosario dawson, ahsoka star

Jun 27, 2024 1:00 PM

Netflix has revealed the voice cast for its upcoming "Terminator Zero" anime, featuring prominent actors like Rosario Dawson and Timothy Olyphant. Created and executive-produced by Mattson Tomlin and animated by Production I.G, the series delves into the moral complexities of AI with eight episodes premiering on August 29, aka "Judgement Day." Set across two timelines, 2022 and 1997, the story follows Dawson's character, Kokoro, an advanced AI, and central character Malcolm Lee, voiced by André Holland. They navigate the conflict between humanity and Skynet, bringing a fresh perspective to the blockbuster Terminator franchise.

Who are the main characters in Netflix's Terminator Zero?

The main characters in Netflix's "Terminator Zero" include Kokoro, an advanced AI voiced by Rosario Dawson; Malcolm Lee, a genius computer programmer voiced by André Holland; Eiko, a resistance fighter voiced by Sonoya Mizuno; and The Prophet, a philosophical guide voiced by Ann Dowd. Timothy Olyphant voices the Terminator.

The Terminator franchise, started by James Cameron in 1984, has been a staple in sci-fi cinema, exploring themes of AI, time travel, and the survival of humanity. The original film and its sequels have iconic characters like Sarah Connor and the Terminator himself, profoundly influencing the genre and popular culture. "Terminator Zero" aims to expand this legacy into the realm of anime, offering a new dimension to the timeless battle between humans and machines.

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