New Agatha All Along Trailer Will Make You Forget WandaVision
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New Agatha All Along Trailer Will Make You Forget WandaVision

Jul 09, 2024 9:00 AM

The first trailer for "Agatha All Along" has been released, marking the return of Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness, a fan favorite from Marvel's "WandaVision." The show picks up with Agatha as a detective who has lost her witchy powers, guided back to her true identity by a character played by Aubrey Plaza. The plot will center around Agatha and a mysterious goth teen navigating the magical Witches’ Road to reclaim what they’ve lost. "Agatha All Along" premieres on Disney+ on September 18 with a two-episode launch.

Will "Agatha All Along" connect to the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)?n

Yes, "Agatha All Along" will likely tie into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, given its origins in "WandaVision" and potential references to other MCU characters and events.

"WandaVision," which first aired in 2021 on Disney+, was Marvel's initial foray into television series, gaining acclaim for its unique narrative and character development. It introduced Agatha Harkness as the primary antagonist, establishing her as a key figure in the Marvel TV landscape. This spin-off aims to delve deeper into her backstory and expand Marvel's TV universe.

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