New game Castle Come lets you become a walking fortress
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New game Castle Come lets you become a walking fortress

Jun 27, 2024 1:00 PM

Developer LaufLauf has just announced a groundbreaking new roguelike game titled "Castle Come," where players control a literal walking fortress. The game is set to release on PC, and offers a unique gameplay mechanic where your castle, which starts small, is essentially a giant mech that you continuously build and fortify. As players progress, they will recruit more crew members and enhance their fortress to withstand various attacks. The ultimate goal is to breach the gate, making strategic decisions to scavenge and rebuild as needed. Check out Castle Come's reveal trailer and initial screenshots for a first look at this innovative title. Don't forget to wishlist Castle Come on Steam to keep up with its development updates.

What is "Castle Come" about?

Castle Come is a roguelike game where players control a walking fortress that can be built and fortified over time. The objective is to strengthen your castle mech to breach a gate while scavenging and rebuilding after attacks.

Roguelikes are games characterized by procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and strategic gameplay. "Castle Come" adds a fresh twist by merging these mechanics with elements of base-building and real-time strategy. The game allows players to experience a dynamic evolution of their fortress, making each playthrough unique. Additionally, by recruiting a larger crew and upgrading your castle, players will face increasingly challenging enemies, ensuring a compelling and replayable experience.

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