New Hit Game The First Descendant Could Rival Elden Ring Soon
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New Hit Game The First Descendant Could Rival Elden Ring Soon

Jul 02, 2024 11:30 AM

The First Descendant, a free-to-play, third-person loot shooter from Nexon, has quickly risen in popularity, reaching number six on Steam's most played games list with over 180,000 concurrent players. Despite this success, the game has faced mixed reviews on Steam, currently holding a Mixed rating with 49% positive reviews out of around 2,400. The initial player discontent stems from server connection issues and miscommunication about server launch times. Additionally, some players reported not receiving paid battle pass rewards. Nevertheless, The First Descendant remains a hot topic in the gaming community, aided by a successful Twitch Drops event drawing over 105,000 viewers.

Why is The First Descendant receiving mixed reviews despite its popularity?n

The First Descendant is receiving mixed reviews due to launch day server issues, where many players faced connectivity problems and delays in receiving in-game rewards. Additionally, some users expressed frustration over not gaining access to the battle pass despite payment, which overshadowed the gameplay experience.

Nexon, known for titles like MapleStory and KartRider, has a history in developing engaging RPGs and shooters. The First Descendant is an ambitious blend of these genres, aiming to compete with giants like Destiny and Warframe. The game features cooperative missions, a rich narrative, and impressive graphics, setting it up as a potential major player in the free-to-play market.

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N3rdo N3rdo commented on: 2024-07-02 11:54:02
Despite the server issues and some hiccups with rewards, The First Descendant’s rise to popularity shows there's a strong demand for fresh takes in the loot shooter genre. Given Nexon's legacy with engaging RPGs, it's no surprise players are sticking around, hoping for patches to iron out the current frustrations.
Miss Peachy Miss Peachy commented on: 2024-07-02 11:48:03
Despite its rocky start with server issues and reward glitches, The First Descendant's impressive jump to the top of the charts shows that there's significant interest in its blend of looter shooter mechanics. With Nexon's track record in RPGs, if they can iron out these launch-day kinks, this game could carve out a strong niche alongside the big hitters like Destiny and Warframe.
Rolling R!ck Rolling R!ck commented on: 2024-07-02 11:42:03
It's wild to see The First Descendant blow up so fast despite the initial hiccups with servers and battle pass rewards. Guess it shows that even with some rough edges, a solid gameplay loop and a good Twitch Drops event can still attract tons of players. 🚀🎮
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