New horror game Shift 87 announced for PC
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New horror game Shift 87 announced for PC

Jul 09, 2024 3:00 PM

Developer Pixelsplit and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have announced Shift 87, a new "horror observation" game for PC, set to release on July 23 via Steam. In this unique gaming experience, players must find 66 anomalies before their shift ends, with 50% of these anomalies being easy to spot and the other half more subtle and challenging. The game involves navigating through environments, detecting deviations, and reporting anomalies accurately to avoid resets in the sequence. The typical gameplay runs range from 2-3 hours, with a detailed process from environment familiarization to completing the shift by reporting all anomalies.

What is the release date for Shift 87?n

Shift 87 is set to be released on July 23 for PC via Steam.

Shift 87 promises an engaging "horror observation" experience, reminiscent of other titles in the horror genre that focus on atmospheric tension and keen observation. It aligns with games like Five Nights at Freddy's, where players must pay attention to details and react quickly to survive. This game is expected to attract fans of horror games that prioritize psychological tension and the thrill of noticing the smallest discrepancies in their environment. The collaboration between Pixelsplit and Daedalic Entertainment suggests a high-quality production, as both are known for their innovative approach to game design.

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