New Spider Named After Monster Hunter's Blind Wyvern
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New Spider Named After Monster Hunter's Blind Wyvern

Jul 01, 2024 5:15 PM

In an interesting blend of science and pop culture, a newly discovered eyeless spider in China has been named Otacilia Khezu after the Khezu wyvern from Capcom's Monster Hunter series. This intriguing reference underscores the spider’s lack of eyes, akin to its namesake which features retracted eyes due to its dark habitat. Scientists have a history of nerdy naming conventions, previously christening other species with names from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Lord of the Rings, and even Tom Hardy's Venom films.

What is the Khezu wyvern from Monster Hunter?

The Khezu is a monster in Capcom's Monster Hunter series, first introduced in the original game in 2004. These wyverns dwell in dark, damp areas like caves and have long necks, fanged mouths, and lack visible eyes, adapting to their shadowy environments. The Monster Hunter series, known for its complex and challenging gameplay, has a dedicated fan base and continues to release new content.

The Monster Hunter franchise began in 2004 and has since grown into a prominent action RPG series. Players take on the roles of hunters tasked with tracking down and defeating various monsters in rich, immersive environments. The series is acclaimed for its methodical combat system, intricate ecosystems, and cooperative multiplayer gameplay, captivating millions of players worldwide.

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Mr. Bison Mr. Bison commented on: 2024-07-01 17:48:03
It's awesome how science and gaming culture intersect, like this spider getting named after the Khezu from Monster Hunter. These nods to pop culture make discoveries feel even more relatable and fun for us nerds
Rolling R!ck Rolling R!ck commented on: 2024-07-01 17:42:02
It's always cool to see science and pop culture intersect like this Naming the eyeless spider after the creepy Khezu from Monster Hunter is a brilliant nod to gaming fans and really highlights the unique characteristics of both creatures.
Miss Peachy Miss Peachy commented on: 2024-07-01 17:36:02
Naming the eyeless spider after the Khezu wyvern is such a cool nod to the Monster Hunter series and really highlights how pop culture seeps into all aspects of life, even science. I love seeing these little Easter eggs in the natural world
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