Nintendo 3DS Fans Hunt for Rare Puzzle Swap Victory
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Nintendo 3DS Fans Hunt for Rare Puzzle Swap Victory

Jun 27, 2024 1:00 PM

A dedicated group of Nintendo 3DS enthusiasts is on a quest to collect the rarest Puzzle Swap puzzle called ANA. Originally distributed in Japan in 2012 at select airport locations, this puzzle is exceptionally rare as it cannot be shared via StreetPass unless previously unlocked. With Nintendo discontinuing the 3DS's online services, the community is rallying to preserve this elusive piece of gaming history.

Why is the ANA puzzle considered the rarest in Puzzle Swap?n

The ANA puzzle is considered the rarest because it was exclusively distributed in 2012 at three specific airports in Japan, and it cannot be shared via StreetPass unless already unlocked.

StreetPass and Puzzle Swap were popular features on the Nintendo 3DS, allowing users to exchange game data and collect puzzle pieces by passing other 3DS users. The loyalty of the 3DS fanbase has kept these elements alive, even after official online services have been shut down, highlighting the console's enduring legacy and the community's commitment to game preservation.

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