Nintendo's Genius Plan: Flooding the Market with Switch 2s
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Nintendo's Genius Plan: Flooding the Market with Switch 2s

Jul 01, 2024 12:37 PM

Nintendo plans to combat scalpers for the anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 by significantly increasing console production. With resolved component supply issues, the company aims to meet high demand and prevent the resale market from thriving. Scalping was a significant problem during the initial release of the original Switch due to supply shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The proactive manufacturing approach is expected to curb the resale problem. This strategy follows the Nintendo Switch, which has been successful since its launch in 2017 because of its unique market position and exclusive game lineup. The industry is keenly watching to see if the Switch 2 can surpass the original's sales figures.

What is Nintendo doing to prevent scalping of the Switch 2?

Nintendo is increasing the production of the Switch 2 consoles to meet customer demand and prevent scalpers from dominating the market.

The original Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and quickly became popular due to its hybrid console-portable design and a steady stream of high-quality, exclusive games. Despite facing initial supply challenges and scalping issues, it established a strong market presence. By ensuring a plentiful supply of the Switch 2, Nintendo aims to build on the success of its predecessor while avoiding the pitfalls that hampered its initial availability.

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Miss Peachy Miss Peachy commented on: 2024-07-01 13:00:05
Increasing production to combat scalpers for the Switch 2 is a smart move by Nintendo, reflecting lessons learned from the original Switch launch. It’s exciting to see how this proactive approach might set a new standard in the gaming industry for handling high demand and supply issues.
Stimpy Stimpy commented on: 2024-07-01 12:48:03
It's great to see Nintendo learning from the past and gearing up for a high-demand launch. Hopefully, this extra production push keeps the Switch 2 in the hands of gamers rather than scalpers
Mr. Bison Mr. Bison commented on: 2024-07-01 12:42:03
It's awesome to see Nintendo stepping up their game to tackle scalping with the Switch 2 by ramping up production. Hopefully, this means we won't have to deal with the same frustration as we did during the original Switch launch.
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