nintendo sues switch modding company over piracy refusal
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nintendo sues switch modding company over piracy refusal

Jul 02, 2024 5:03 PM

Nintendo continues its aggressive legal actions against alleged Nintendo Switch pirates by targeting modding company Modded Hardware and its owner, Ryan Daly. Nintendo claims that the company provides hardware and firmware to create and play pirated games and copies of pirated Nintendo titles. Despite an agreement to cease operations in March 2024, Modded Hardware continued its business, leading Nintendo to file a lawsuit in federal court seeking its immediate closure and damages. Additionally, Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against James Williams, also known as Archbox, for his association with online pirate shops distributing illegal copies of Nintendo Switch games. Nintendo remains steadfast in its efforts to protect its copyrighted content, having previously won significant lawsuits against game-sharing websites and emulators.

What actions has Nintendo taken against Switch piracy?n

Nintendo has filed lawsuits against entities involved in modding and distributing pirated games, including Modded Hardware and its owner Ryan Daly, and James Williams, associated with multiple online pirate shops. They seek to shut down these operations and claim damages. Previously, Nintendo has also targeted emulator developers and game-sharing websites, securing multi-million dollar judgments in their favor.

Nintendo has a long history of defending its intellectual property. The Nintendo Switch, released in 2017, has been a frequent target for piracy and counterfeit attempts. Major titles like "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" have seen large-scale piracy even before their official release, prompting Nintendo to act swiftly and assertively. The company's legal actions are part of a broader strategy to protect its software and maintain the integrity of its gaming ecosystem.

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