Palworld dev signs deal with Sony, unveils Palworld Entertainment
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Palworld dev signs deal with Sony, unveils Palworld Entertainment

Jul 10, 2024 10:52 AM

The developers of the popular game Palworld have signed a deal with Sony to form a new business entity called Palworld Entertainment. This venture aims to leverage the global popularity of Palworld by expanding into merchandise and music, rather than producing a PlayStation version of the game. Created by Japan-based Pocketpair, Palworld has seen immense success since its release in early access for PC and Xbox, selling over 15 million copies on Steam and reaching a player count of 25 million in just one month. While Palworld has faced controversy and accusations of being a Pokémon rip-off, Pocketpair continues to deny these claims and insists they have not heard from Nintendo or The Pokémon Company regarding legal actions. The future on PlayStation remains uncertain but is teased to be a possibility after the recent announcements.

nIs Palworld available on PlayStation? n

Currently, Palworld is not available on PlayStation. However, the recent announcement hints that a PlayStation release could be closer than ever.


Palworld has often been compared to Pokémon, earning the nickname 'Pokémon with guns' due to its gameplay mechanics that mix survival, crafting, and creature collection. The game became one of the most successful third-party Game Pass launches and a massive hit on Steam. Despite Nintendo's quick moves to remove Pokémon mods and the heated debate over intellectual property, Palworld has garnered a massive following, making it one of the most profitable ventures for a game studio of its size.

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