playstation 5 exclusive stellar blade hits 1 million sales
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playstation 5 exclusive stellar blade hits 1 million sales

Jun 25, 2024 3:04 PM

PlayStation 5 exclusive Stellar Blade has surpassed one million copies in sales, according to developer Shift Up. This milestone could pave the way for potential sequels and downloadable content, though any official announcements remain distant since the game only launched on April 26, 2024. The developer is also looking into a PC release, contingent on contractual agreements with Sony. Moreover, Shift Up teased upcoming additional content, including a photo mode, new outfits, and a significant collaboration. Inspired by Alita: Battle Angel and classic science fiction, Stellar Blade has been bolstered by several post-launch updates like new boss challenges and outfits.

Will there be a PC version of Stellar Blade?n

Shift Up is considering releasing Stellar Blade on PC, but the decision is currently uncertain due to a contractual relationship, likely with PlayStation owner Sony.

Stellar Blade, directed by Kim Hyung Tae, combines sci-fi action with adventure elements and draws inspiration from influential works such as Alita: Battle Angel and 80s-90s sci-fi. The game features a strong focus on dynamic combat and exploration, with updates adding new challenges and customization options. Its moderate success and continued support from the developer indicate a promising future for the franchise.

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