Tekken boss Harada reveals shocking truth behind Soul Calibur's fall
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Tekken boss Harada reveals shocking truth behind Soul Calibur's fall

Jun 25, 2024 4:10 PM

Tekken chief Katsuhiro Harada has shed light on why the Soul Calibur series has seemingly disappeared, pointing to significant structural changes and internal rivalry within Bandai Namco. Harada emphasized that the departure of key staff and organizational policies hurt the franchise, with Project Soul struggling amidst these shifts. Harada revealed that the Tekken team maintained its independence, allowing it to thrive while Project Soul faltered. Despite this, Harada remains hopeful, suggesting a few dedicated individuals still wish to revive the Soul Calibur series.

Why did the Soul Calibur series decline while Tekken thrived?n

Harada explained that structural changes within Bandai Namco, such as the departure of key staff and the shift from a development-focused organization to broader business goals, contributed to Soul Calibur's decline. In contrast, the Tekken team maintained its autonomy and dedication, allowing it to flourish.

Soulcalibur is a critically acclaimed series known for its weapon-based combat system and diverse roster of characters. The series debuted in 1995 with "Soul Edge" and quickly became a fan favorite. Notably, "Soulcalibur II" expanded its reach with exclusive characters for different platforms, such as Link for the GameCube version. Over time, changes in game mechanics and internal studio challenges led to a decline in its popularity, overshadowed by the continued success of Tekken.

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