The Acolyte ep. 7 sparks wild theory on Qimir's Sith Master
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The Acolyte ep. 7 sparks wild theory on Qimir's Sith Master

Jul 10, 2024 5:17 PM

Episode 7 of "The Acolyte" raised questions about Qimir's Sith Master, suggesting it may be Mother Koril, who mysteriously vanished during a chaotic event characterized by the Jedi's interference. Theories have emerged that Koril survived and could be the one guiding Qimir, especially given her deep knowledge of past events. With elements like dark smoke disappearance reminiscent of "The Clone Wars" and ties to the dark side or possibly Darth Plagueis, fans are anticipating more revelations in the upcoming episodes. These mysteries keep the anticipation high for the series, possibly extending into a second season.

Did Mother Koril survive the attack on the witches?n

It's speculated that Mother Koril survived the attack, as her body was never found, and she vanished in a way similar to other dark side users seen in the Star Wars universe. This opens up the possibility of her having a significant role in guiding Qimir.

"The Acolyte" is a part of the Star Wars franchise, set in the High Republic era, focusing on dark side emerging during a period of relative peace and exploring the complexities of Sith and Jedi conflicts. The series delves into the lesser-known aspects of the Star Wars lore, enticing fans with its mysterious and darker narrative.

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