the first descendant accused of copying destiny icon—there's more
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the first descendant accused of copying destiny icon—there's more

Jul 09, 2024 9:12 AM

The First Descendant, a free-to-play co-op looter shooter by Nexon, is making waves on PC and console with significant player numbers on Steam. However, it's facing controversy over aggressive monetization and accusations of plagiarizing icons from Bungie's Destiny 2. Forbes highlighted the striking similarities between the game’s icons and those of Destiny 2, with Bungie artists expressing displeasure. The issue appears to stem from an icon database called Iconduck, which includes Destiny icons under a Creative Commons license. This database raises concerns about the legal use of such assets for commercial purposes. Nexon has not yet provided an explanation, leading to heightened scrutiny. The situation recalls controversies like that of Palworld, a game accused of imitating Pokémon but mixed with survival elements. The First Descendant combines mechanics from various looter shooters, particularly drawing comparisons to Destiny and Warframe.

Why is The First Descendant accused of using Destiny 2 icons?

The First Descendant is accused of using Destiny 2 icons due to noticeable similarities between its icons and those from Destiny 2. These similarities were reportedly sourced from Iconduck, which lists Destiny icons as open source under a Creative Commons license. This suggests that Nexon may have used these icons without proper authorization, leading to the plagiarism controversy.

The First Descendant builds on the legacy of looter shooters like Destiny 2, which launched in 2017 and quickly became a staple in the genre. Destiny 2's intricate design, deep lore, and robust player engagement set a high bar, making it a prime target for comparison. Nexon's game, amid its originality in some aspects, echoes this foundational influence, blending familiar gameplay loops with new cooperative experiences. The similarities, however, have spurred discussions about intellectual property and creativity in game design.

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