The First Descendant's Launch Thrives Amid Ongoing Problems
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The First Descendant's Launch Thrives Amid Ongoing Problems

Jul 05, 2024 8:47 AM

The First Descendant, a free-to-play co-op focused looter shooter from Nexon, has seen a large influx of players since its launch. However, the game has been plagued by several issues including frame-rate problems, failure to deliver on promised in-game items like Twitch drops, and instances where players did not receive items purchased with real money. The issue particularly concerns players who have bought the same items multiple times via digital stores. Nexon has advised players to purchase "Caliber" items individually to prevent this. Purchases made from July 2-4 that were not delivered will be canceled, and further mass purchases will be halted until the problem is resolved. Producer Lee Beom-jun offered apologies and outlined future fixes, which include optimizing the PlayStation 5 performance, addressing missing Twitch rewards, and improving in-game systems like gun sounds and crash fixes. Despite these problems, The First Descendant has managed to secure a strong player base, reaching a peak of 239,513 concurrent players on Steam.

What are the main issues players are experiencing in The First Descendant?

Players are facing multiple issues in The First Descendant including frame-rate drops, undelivered in-game items like Twitch drops, and problems with real-money purchases not being fulfilled, especially when bought in bulk. PS5 players are also experiencing poor performance.

The First Descendant from Nexon is a co-op looter shooter that has quickly gained popularity, becoming one of Steam's top five most-played games. Despite its early success, persistent issues have marred the game's reputation. Nexon has been proactive in addressing these problems by providing updates and attempting to communicate transparently with the player base. For those curious, The First Descendant leverages aggressive monetization tactics and third-party data tracking to enhance gameplay improvements, although this has been a point of contention among users.

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