vampire survivors hits apple arcade ad free this august
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vampire survivors hits apple arcade ad free this august

Jul 09, 2024 4:48 PM

Apple Arcade is set to expand its collection by adding the beloved gothic rogue-lite game, "Vampire Survivors," on August 1, 2024, at no extra cost and completely ad-free. This version, known as Vampire Survivors+, includes both premium expansions, offering a breadth of new content. "Vampire Survivors" became a runaway hit as an indie game and has since grown to include 50 playable characters and 80 weapons. Apple Arcade's addition of the game brings a massive amount of content typically only available on services like Steam, but now accessible on mobile platforms without ads for a $6.99 monthly subscription fee. Besides "Vampire Survivors," other games like "Temple Run: Legends" will also join Apple Arcade on the same date, while "Castle Crumble" will arrive on August 29, augmenting an already diverse game library.

What are the main features of Vampire Survivors+ on Apple Arcade?

Vampire Survivors+ on Apple Arcade features the full game with both premium expansions, numerous characters, diverse weapon choices, and an entirely ad-free experience, enhancing its appeal over other mobile versions.

Launched in December 2021 by indie developer Poncle, "Vampire Survivors" quickly gained traction with its unique blend of gothic horror and rogue-lite elements. The game is praised for its engaging gameplay loop where players fight through hordes of night creatures, making strategic choices to survive until dawn. This success on platforms like Steam paved the way for its expanded presence on services including Apple Arcade, ensuring a larger audience can enjoy its depth and variety.

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