Warzone patch nerfs Kar98k & Superi 46—game-changer alert
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Warzone patch nerfs Kar98k & Superi 46—game-changer alert

Jul 02, 2024 4:39 PM

Activision has released a new update for Call of Duty Warzone, significantly nerfing some of the game's most dominant weapons, such as the Kar98k and the Superi 46 submachine gun. The Kar98k’s modifiers for lower torso, arms, and legs have been decreased, reflecting a shift in the game’s meta since its Season 4 release. Meanwhile, the Superi 46 also sees reductions in its lower torso and arm and hand modifiers. Additionally, Modern Warfare 3 has received a patch addressing various gameplay fixes and improvements, including weapon adjustments and bug fixes in both Multiplayer and Zombies modes. Fans should look forward to upcoming content in Season 5 and the launch of Black Ops 6 in October.

What changes were made to the Kar98k in the latest Call of Duty Warzone update?n

The Kar98k’s lower torso modifier was decreased to .95x from 1.1x, arm modifiers were reduced to .95x from 1.2x, and leg modifiers were lowered to .95x from 1x.

Since its launch, Call of Duty Warzone has captivated players with its intense battle royale gameplay and regular updates to keep the experience fresh. One of the standout weapons in the game, the Kar98k, has a storied history in the Call of Duty franchise, renowned for its powerful long-range capabilities. Its recent nerf aims to balance gameplay, ensuring no single weapon overwhelmingly dominates the player meta, preserving competitive fairness. As players adapt to these changes, the tactical landscape of Warzone is set for a significant shift, just in time for the anticipated new season and content drops on the horizon.

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