Wick Producer to Remake Indian Action Hit in English
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Wick Producer to Remake Indian Action Hit in English

Jul 01, 2024 4:00 PM

The highly acclaimed Indian action film "Kill" is set to receive an English-language remake from 87Eleven Entertainment, known for producing the John Wick series and the upcoming Highlander film. Directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat and produced by notable names such as Karan Johar and Apoorva Mehta, the original Hindi version of "Kill" is slated for a global release on July 4. 87Eleven Entertainment's Chad Stahelski expressed excitement about the English remake, emphasizing the film's relentless action sequences. The original "Kill" premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2023, receiving significant acclaim and a distribution deal with Lionsgate for North America and the UK. The film features brutal, adrenaline-fueled trailers and follows Amrit on a kill-spree after his love, Tulika, boards a train for an arranged marriage. The remake aims to bring the vivid action to a wider audience, marking a significant moment for Indian cinema.

What is the plot of the movie "Kill"?n

"Kill" follows the story of Amrit, who embarks on a death-defying kill-spree after his true love, Tulika, boards the Rajdhani Express bound for an arranged marriage. The film is packed with relentless and brutal action sequences, making it a thrilling adrenaline-fueled ride.

Background Information: The production company behind the English-language remake, 87Eleven Entertainment, is led by Chad Stahelski, who directed all four mainline John Wick movies. Known for their expertise in choreographing intense action scenes, 87Eleven aims to bring the same level of creativity and excitement to the remake of "Kill." The original Hindi film's production team includes Karan Johar, a renowned Bollywood producer and director, whose involvement ensures the film’s action-packed vision aligns with its cultural roots.

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